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Shelving Categories

Standard Shelving

Standard Shelving

Standard Shelving is the standardized products producing daily from the factory.
Standard Shelving

Wire Products

Wire products are pretty much shelving that is majority made by wire steel.
Standard Shelving

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture are products made to order which can either be designed by customer or us
Standard Shelving

Shelving Displays

Shelving Displays or display shelving are shelves that is made for displaying products, making charmer
Standard Shelving


Racking or stock shelving are usally used in warehouses, factories or even in offices
Standard Shelving


Miscellaneous or other products that are relating in some way with shelves. For instance, a shopping cart
All Categories

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We’ll take care of you even after the project has finished

With 50 years of experience in the shelving business, we guarantee you of our dedication to each step of the project. Client satisfaction on the quality of products and services is our main concern.

Mall Clothing Store

  • Designed shelves Co-Working with HLA China

Convenience Stores

  • Mini-mart Shelves
  • Supermarket shelves
  • etc.

Warehouse Racking

  • Stock Rack
  • Designed stock rack
  • Racking system


Our Company aims to be the top leading company in the shelves manufacturing industry. We are trained and equipped with knowledge, skills, dedication, and technology to produce quality shelving products and services.

About Progroup

Shelving Company

Progroup is a shelving service company in Thailand under TS STEEL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD, and it’s affiliated companies started establishing in the 1970’s. We started up from manufacturing motorcycle parts, gratings, as well as refrigerator shelving trays. Not long after, we had the opportunity to supply the shelving trays to Thailand’s top leading domestic refrigerator company. Consequently, this business has expanded to manufacturing and supplying shelves, racks, displays, and furniture to many different establishments. We currently supply shelves to convenience stores, super marts, outlets, bookstores, mall shops, warehouses, and more. Progroup has a team of professionals ready to serve you. We attend to every process; from the initial discussion, consultation, design, production process, delivery and installation, even up to the after-sales service. In the last 3 consecutive years, we garnered a sales volume of more than 300 Million baht/year.

Our Services

Our Company has a service team ready to assist our customers professionally. Initial discussion on the design is made and finalization before the actual order is done. Upon the production, we see to it that the products were accurate with the drawings previously completed. Packaging of the items are according to the function and distance for delivery. We have experts specifically made for speedy transportation and installation. The team consists of technicians and engineers who secures the product’s quality and safety before it reaches the destination. After-sales coordinators will likewise continuously take care and attend to customer’s feedback particularly for some adjustments and modifications to be made. Long term warranty of weight capacity and structure condition is also provided accordingly. All these for we are committed to customer satisfaction.

3D Designs

The phase where we meet the client. Initial discussion on the design and plan is made. Drawings are interchanged between the client and the designer….
More 3D Design
Laser Cut in shelving production process


The phase where we meet the client. Initial discussion on the design and plan is made. Drawings are interchanged between the client and the designer….
Delivery and Installation

Delivery and Installation

The phase where we meet the client. Initial discussion on the design and plan is made. Drawings are interchanged between the client and the designer….


“We are a group of companies of shelving products and services with 50 years of experience living under the vital principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Dedication.”

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“Even there were and are more companies coming, competition in this industry would get tougher, but persevering costumer service has always and will always be our competitive advantage. ”

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