We cater to all of your hypermarket, supermarket, convenience stores, shops and ware houses shelving and racking system and all other industrial and commercial equipment needs, from:

1. 3D Designing

Clients can choose the product designs from the company standard designs or collaborate with our team to customize.

a. Company's standard designs

Our company produces standard pre-designed products which are practical, taking into account the functions and benefits of major customers. Customers can choose from various designs and functions according to their budget and need.    

b. Collaborate with us in customizing your product

Clients can customize the product with their own design by sending us draft or specifications of what they want to have and our 3D designing team will create the 3D virtual output of the plan. Further modification is possible until perfection, then, under the client’s approval, the company will proceed to the next step which is the production- actual manufacturing.

2. Manufacturing

Our company manufactures shelves, racks, stands, display fixtures and spare parts using modern machinery to meet the needs and demands of the customers as well as the production standard. We make sure that our product has the best quality in the market.

3. Delivery and Installation

Our Service team is ready to assist the customers professionally especially in handing out the products accordingly. They are fully equipped in both speed of transportation and installation. The team consists of technicians and engineers which will secure the product’s proper installation. Shop Installation is only applicable to domestic customers.

4. After Sales Service

After the Delivery and/or Installation, The service team (for domestic clients) or the international coordinating team are keeping in touch and are keen on customer’s feedback especially for some adjustments and modifications in order to meet the customer's total satisfaction.

“We Are Committed To Customer Satisfaction.”