Importance of 3D Design

December 6, 2017

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As we all have known, Technology has continuously been making our lives easier, colorful, and also ferries our imagination into reality. One best example of it is the 3d modeling and presentation of designs. It’s like pulling out the multi-dimensional images from your brain and painting them on a paper to see how it looks. 3D modeling has undoubtedly created a huge impact in the construction, manufacturing and interior designing industry.

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In 2014, Our company has seen the relevance of accurate and more beautiful designs presented to Clients with the use of 3d modeling. It’s in the same year that they started hiring 3d designers then comes more marketable products, more interested clients, big projects kept coming and sales volume had been increasing. NP Shop/Full house was our first huge project which utilized 3D modeling and perspective layout. It was a successful beautiful project which was followed by more and more projects later on. Clients came up with their imagined plan and lets us carry them out with the help of 3D designs.

Let’s take a look at why 3D designing is highly beneficial especially for Engineers, Architects and Designers:

1.It’s Realistic
From your imagination, your design becomes more vivid and your clients can take a virtual tour of their construction projects. You can also quickly check whether a new plan is viable or check how small changes to the design would look like.

2. Accurate measurements and clearer images are obviously more comprehensible.
Both manufacturing line and clients easily comprehend the layout and gives a change of rendering more accurate construction of plan. A 3D design can clearly show the physical dimensions of the objects and its distance in relation with other objects based on their sizes to achieve varied objectives like space, movement problems, room size corrections and so on.

3. Higher chance of marketing and project approvals
The experience of going through a 3D model is more compelling and satisfying to a prospect than viewing a 2D drawing. The vivid imagery lingers in the prospect’s mind for a longer period of time and you stand a better chance of winning the customer. Similarly the project approval rate in construction business is quicker when a 3D model is used.

4. Modifying or re-modeling, not a problem
In a 3D model it is easier to see the impact on the overall design when minor or major changes are made, this would help in finalizing the design without much cost and post-construction cost-incurring changes or corrections. It is also accurate as the end construction is just as planned from the 3D model.

5. Less errors, High productivity
With a clearer design, it is easier for the manufacturing line and construction team to complete the project at low margin costs and as per the plan.

6. User-friendly and Fun!
3D designs are almost instruction-less and without any language barriers. It is natural for any human to understand 3D design and experience the virtual reality it creates.

You can design a life-like model of a residential or commercial flat with all the furniture, wall paints and designs, show pieces, designer ceiling and so on to give your clients a compelling view of their dream home, office building, supermarket or malls.

*Just beware of a more beautiful 3D Drawing than the actual one! ?