How to choose a shelving storage

13 November 2017 

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ow to choose a Shelving storage suitable for our needs?

Our Storage System has different varieties which works differently. These different functions would determine the type of storage needed and its suitability. In choosing the right racking systems for Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, shops and warehouses, It is necessary to consider the type, quantity, size, functions of each type, pallet, forklift, area, and ease of transportation wherein we have to compare and understand the shelving and racking systems genuinely in order to spend lower cost but maximize the effectiveness of storing products, which will be useful for preliminary consideration. For those who need to buy and/or use shelves, here are some things to consider:

1.Types of goods to store.

This is the most fundamental factor in determining various storage system to be used. In choosing such things, we consider the product type, size and its weight. The type of product also determines the type of shelving in terms of sorting (FIFO), promotional products, arranging products of the same variety, inventory, volume of the product, and the ability to sort goods according to their sizes.

2.Type of Pallet.
The size of the pallet should be considered according to the maximum size of the products needed to be placed on the beam. The Rack should determine the size of pallet to be used and the fork lift to pile goods. It will limit the goods to carry depending on its weight and maximum capacity.

3.The Space/Area.
This is also one of the main things to consider in choosing the shelf. Whether it is placed along the entrance/exits, door size, height of the ceiling, the maximum width and length of the area, which should all be properly calculated in order to limit.

4.The type of Fork lift.
The fork lift to be used by the shop in moving the products should be able to carry up to the maximum capacity of the pallet with goods. It should also be able to put goods on the highest level of rack that you plan to install. Not only that, we should also be careful in rotating and reversing the forklift in order to get or place more goods within the pathway between racks/storages.

5.Sorting System.
If you have products that easily run out, it means, there should always be restocking. The fork lift should have the capacity to carry and work round the clock. You can also use modern sorting system or automated systems with the use of Computer. The products can be sorted out using FIFO and LIFO which has an important role in choosing shelving systems differently. LIFO would require a storage like Drive-in or Push-back but if you need sorting system like FIFO, you can choose between SELECTIVE or Flow-free.

The main things to consider in choosing a shelving system stated above are all important taking into account the density and accessibility of products.